January 24, 2013

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss

Hello, loves! As promised, I'm back with a review of Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss! Yay! Hahaha. :-) I own this lippie for months already, actually. But it's just now that I have the courage to make a review of it. >< Haha. Well, its better late than never, right? Haha! :-) So, let's start!

This lipgloss is so cute! I mean, look at the packaging. I instantly fell in love with this the first time I saw it <3 Tony Moly's Cat's Wink Line is indeed the best!! :-D

Product Description (From Tony Moly Philippines Facebook Fanpage): Light texture without stickiness; Soft Jelly gloss to plump up the lips; Smoothes out crack and wrinkles

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss in 02 (Jelly Pink)
Price: P 348.00 (8.57 USD)


Left: Rouge Majex Majolica Majorca in PK338
Right: Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss in 02 (Jelly Pink)

I hate my digital camera's macro setting for not cooperating! I really need a new camera. :-( Anyhoo, I don't know if you can see it but Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss is darker than Rouge Majex Majolica Majorca. Also, the former doesn't have glitters while the latter has.

Let's now test the lippie! \(^o^)/
Bare Lips
Using Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss (w/o flash)
(w/ flash)

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss just added a bit color to my lips and of course, shine. But you know, the color is more obvious in real life than in these pictures. I love how this product really removes the chapped lips that I have. I'm actually starting to love lip glosses now than lip sticks 'cause you know, lip sticks tend to make my lips dry. :-( 

But wait a sec, I have something to tell you. I dunno if it's just because of the way I store it, the way I pull the wand out of the tube, or the way I put the wand back in the tube but the gloss tends to come out of the tube. Lol. I mean, I need to wipe the upper part of the tube because the of the gloss. It becomes quite messy. You get what I mean? 

Can you see it? Ugh, please forgive my super lowtech digicam. Lol. 

Anyhoo, for me it's no big deal. :-) The cute packaging and the result it gives compensate with that tiny flaw! ;-) 

Pictures of me wearing Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss in 02 (Jelly Pink)

See my dog? Lol jk

Overall, I give Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Gloss a 7/10! ♥

Yay! Thanks for reading 'til here. Hope you liked this post as well! Again, I want to remind everybody that I'm no make-up expert. I just make reviews as a consumer! ;-) That's all for now. See you again soon! Love lots! <3


  1. Omg I love that packaging. I'm a sucker for cute packaging! not to mention cats! I hope to find one of these and the pact too. Hihi. Great review.



  2. I have the pact too! My ultimate fave <3 Tony Moly wins this round over Etude House! Lol jk. I know you love pandas too! You have to check Tony Moly's new products!! :-D

  3. Cutie!! Tony Moly's packaging are really adorable. love the cat icon they're using.c: Nice review. ^^

  4. True! Were you able to pay Tony Moly a visit when you want to Manila?
    Thank you! :-D

  5. Ahhh! Tony Moly has pandas now? I HAVE to have those! HAHA thnk you kyuting :D lovechuuu ♥ Looking forward for more beauty posts :)

  6. tony moly things are cute, but I don't like to use lipgloss/lipstick/lip-whatever ><


  7. Nope. Wasn't able to. Where is it located?

  8. @Maki: Lovechutoo :-D Thank you so much! Hehe ;-) <3
    @Mei: True! :-) Eh.. Why? Hehe
    @Kristen: There's Tony Moly in the nearest SM Fairview and SM Mega. Those are the only branches I know. Check their FB page! :-)

  9. Thank you for the review, lovely colour they have there. I get what you mean with the gloss getting out of the tube, it happened with my Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss too >__<

  10. You're very welcome! Hehe ^-^ High five! I wonder why that happens. -_- Thanks for the comment btw! <3

  11. wts the packaging is so cuuute >w<
    thanks for the review!

    1. True!!! <3 :-D You're welcome! Thanks for following and for the comment too! <3


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