November 01, 2013

My November 1st OOTD

Yo! Belated Happy Halloween! It's November 1 and most of the people here in my country went to the cemeteries but my family and I spent the day at Tagaytay City! We already visited the cemetery on the last week of October so as to avoid the large number of people visiting the cemetery on the All Saint's day and All Soul's day. Anyways, I'm here to post about my outfit of the day! *wink wink* LOL. Here are the pictures!

Denim Polo: Uniqlo
Shirt: Hey! Say! JUMP's JUMP World 2012 Concert Shirt (Yeah, fangirl alert! Fangirl alert! xD)
Skirt: Forever 21
Lace Socks: Topshop
Platforms: Converse
Bag: Charles and Keith

I've mentioned in my last post that I had my hair cut days ago! I showed a picture of AKB member, Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru! :-D Yeah, so what can you say about my new short hair? Actually, if you've been reading my blog for a long time (lol just in case xD), you'll know that I already had a short hair before but my new haircut is shorter! This is the shortest haircut I've ever had. xD I'm actually ranting how fast my hair grows now. Lol -_- 

That's my short post about how I looked on the 1st day of November! See you again soon! ♥

Thank you for reading 'til here! ♥

October 28, 2013

❤ Seventeen and CUTiE 11 ❤

Hello, loves! It's been awhile! >< I miss writing here in my blog! It's currently our semestral break and that's why I had time to write something. My first semester was the most stressful and exhausting semester ever! /cries/ When it ended last Oct 18, I was like hearing the hallelujah chords. Hahahaha! You, is it already your semestral break? ^-^

Anyways, I'm here to post about my newly acquired fashion magazines which are of course, in Japanese: Seventeen and CUTiE! YAY! *throws confetti* Lol. I got them from Waku Waku last Friday, October 25. I actually just ordered for Seventeen and 3 mangas last September but then I saw CUTiE 11's cover and it's AKB48's Kojima Haruna! I love her! She's one of my fashion icons! At first, I was hesitant of buying the issue because of course I've already ordered for Seventeen and Japanese magazines here are so expensive but then I ended up buying it! He he ^-~ So here are some pictures:

Seventeen 11 and CUTiE 11
Price: 450php/ 10.450 usd

Shinkawa Yua on the cover! <3 I wanted to buy this issue for a change because 2 out of my 3 ST magazines have Nishiuchi Mariya as the cover lol! I like Mariya but I just wanted to have an ST magazine with a new cover girl. xD

A page from Seventeen

ST Super Make-up Lesson :-D

Price: 500php/11.611 usd

YAY! My fave! <3 Nyan Nyan gracing the cover of CUTiE 11! <3

So pretty <3

More Nyan nyan! :-D

Aside from having Nyan nyan as the cover, I loved this issue because of the make-up tutorial to achieve Nyan's and Paruru's (Both AKB members) look! こじはるとぱるるみたいって!www

Now to the freebies (which I love so much LOL) ^-^

Here are the boxes of Seventeen's and CUTiE's giveaways for the month of November

ST gives away a Heather bag with a pin! :-D I might use this as a shopping bag!

Nice color! <3

Kyaaa so pretty! The print is so pretty, desho? This is from CUTiE. <3

The quality of this Snidel bag is wonderful! It's so fluffy! I love it! I might use this when I go out!

I love buying Japanese fashion magazines despite the expensive price because of the freebies lol! They become worth buying! :-D

These ♥♥♥ It was my first time buying manga! I bought Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou volume 1 and Boku wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku volumes 1 and 2. Yay! I'm almost done reading Bakaleya! I wanna buy more! <3 This is a nice way to practice my Nihonggo! もっともっとがんばらなきゃ!^-^

I'll write again soon, loves! I had my hair cut last week so maybe I'll post about it? :-D See you again! <3 

Thank you for reading 'til here! <3

June 16, 2013

Instagram photos: @joanyaan ☆

Hi, loves! Sorry for my almost-two-months hiatus. On the early half of May, I became to busy with my then soon ending summer classes so I didn't have time to update. When my summer classes ended on the latter half of May, I became preoccupied watching dramas and fangirling. Lol. I'm so sorry! And when June came, I became busy because my classes started early. And by early, I meant June 5. Can you believe that? Some schools opened their classes on the 13th and some are still opening on the 17th but us, we started on June 5! Oh well. Hahaha. At least this is now my fourth and last year in College. That I'm so happy about. ;-)

Anyhoo, I'm here to post some Instagram photos I uploaded recently and not recently. Haha! Since I got a new phone last April, I became active on Instagram so if you please, FOLLOW ME. Thank you! \(^o^)/

Few weeks ago, I deco-ed my pink jelly case to add some moe and kirakira to it, if you get what I mean. Haha! Look at the strawberry accent! Kawaii ♥

 Ahhh! Isn't this the cutest?? ♥__♥ Neko-themed items are just love! Nyan! :3
 And oh! Here are some school stuff I bought at Gift Gate. Look at how cute they areee! ♥ Recently, I'm into Little Twin Stars! With cute stuff surrounding me as I study, I guess there's no way I'll be demotivated! Haha!  
 I also bought this cutey Kitty eco bag from Gift Gate.♥ As I mentioned on my other post, here in the Philippines, eco bags are being used so as to avoid using plastics which harm the environment. Let's save the Earth the Hello Kitty way! Nyan! ;3

I got this cutey Hello Kitty tote bag from Japan courtesy of my friend, ate Erna! Haha! She really knows what I love! ;-D 
I took this photo before heading to school on my first day of classes. Ohh how I miss wearing my uniform! Haha! 

I took a photo of this organizer I have on my study table. Organizer, eh? Hahaha. Does it look cutey.. or messy? Haha!

Last June 14, Uniqlo opened a branch at the nearest mall to our place, SM Fairview! I'm happy to be able to visit Uniqlo on its opening day! Plus, opening day means opening sale! Yay! Haha! I was able to buy two Sanrio UTs which are less 200php each! Lucky! \(^o^)/ haha

Lastly, a yesterday photo of me! hihi :3

So, that's all! Hope you liked the pictures I posted. Again, please FOLLOW ME on Instagram. Onegai~~ hehe. (^-^) I promise to update my blog this time! See you the soonest, loves! Daisuki nyan~ 

April 27, 2013

Dolly Wink Black Mascara (02 Volume)

Hello, loves! After almost a month since I got my dolly wink cosmetics, I'm now here to review one of those! Haha! Yay! :-D :-D I'm here to review the new Dolly Wink Black Mascara which I have in 02 Volume! :-D This is thanks to my friend's sister from Japan! Hihi. So let's begin!

The packaging is so cute!! Tsubasa-san is so pretty! Hehe

Well umm, to be honest, I love the packaging of the mascara from the previous line better than this. Pink make-ups are always my fave <3 but oh well, the result it gives is what matters most right? :-D 

Love the floral design! ;-D

Let's now put it to test! lol
Note: Please bare with my brows. Those are untouched ever since I was a baby LOL

Left- curled lashes
Right- natural lashes

With 3 coats of Dolly Wink Black Mascara! 
(W/o flash)
(W/ flash)

As you can see, it really did make a difference on my lashes! Seriously, this mascara is good! It brightened up my eyes. 

Although this is a volume mascara, It did add length to my lashes.
As you can see in the pictures, it satisfactorily made my lashes look voluminous. It looks even more voluminous in person!
This is so easy to remove! Really. I've tried some mascaras before which are so messy to remove. 
A good mascara! I rate it a 7/10! <3
If ever, I'd love to repurchase this again! Unfortunately, Dolly Wink cosmetics are not available here in the Philippines and local online shops sell them for a gold-like price lol. T_T

Water Test:

I tried washing my face with water while wearing the mascara. And look, it didn't look messy at all! However, even with that being said, this mascara is easy to remove using a mascara remover.

I'll then leave you with pictures of me wearing the Dolly Wink Black Mascara in 02 Volume! ;-D

Thank you for reading 'til here! Hope you find this review helpful. :-)

Bye bye (^o^)/

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